More About Our Heavy Equipment Playground

two men standing next to a company logoA locally-owned company, Big Toy Playground is run by the owners Larry & Sharon Fox. Larry has spent over 30 years in the construction industry. He started with a part-time job helping his father with his dirt & paving company in Phoenix, AZ. Later, Larry became a co-owner of the family company. The business subsequently branched out to also rent heavy equipment. Larry and Sharon, together with their two children, moved to Flagstaff, AZ. In 2004, the new company of Larry started renting heavy equipment in Williams, AZ and the surrounding area.

The idea for a heavy equipment playground occurred to Larry while he was at a large product demo for a heavy equipment manufacturer. He saw that people were having much fun while trying out new machines, the same people who ran equipment for a living. He figured that it would be even more fun for those who have never had the opportunity to run big machines. People loved Larry’s concept when he shared it with them, so it wasn’t long before Larry and Sharon began work on their heavy equipment adventure project.

This great heavy equipment playground is located in the city of Williams, AZ, which is known as the Gateway to the Grand Canyon. This popular tourist destination has a mild summer climate, beautiful landscape, historic downtown, and it is near to the Grand Canyon. Big Toy Playground is proud that it is another one of the fun things to do when visiting Williams, AZ, the Grand Canyon, and Flagstaff.

We offer you an unforgettable heavy equipment adventure. Call (928) 212-8004 if interested in having more information or visiting!

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