Love to Play with Industrial Equipment? Part Two

Want to Know What Kind of Machinery is in a Heavy Equipment Playground?

Bulldozers are earth movers, which feature a shovel that is mounted on the front of the vehicle. This also runs on tracks to promote better traction however, its base does not rotate like its counterpart. Bulldozer are used to push vast amounts of earth across a space in addition to breaking up other materials, like trees and stone.

Love to Play with Industrial Equipment? Part One

What Are the Different Kinds of Machinery You Will Find in a Heavy Equipment Playground?

There are several different kinds of heavy construction equipment available today, so to list them all would take time. Some of the more common ones, however, range from forklifts, cranes, excavators, backhoes, telehandlers, and bulldozers. These pieces of construction equipment are designed to move large amounts of materials. Cranes and telehandlers are used to transport materials used to erect buildings and other such structures, although cranes are used in some demolition projects.