Pricing & Reservations

Big Toy Playground sessions are great fun for ages 14 and up!
Participants under age 18 need a waiver signed by a parent or guardian.

** If you have a gift certificate, please call 928-606-5711 to book your session.**


Skid Steer Experience   $200+tax        
90 minute session The Skid Steer, aka “Bobcat” is a blast to operate as you move dirt and work your way through our obstacle course.  The time will fly as you become more coordinated and can operate with greater skill. You’ll leave with a new confidence and want to come back for more.


Backhoe Big Play   $250+tax   
90 minute session Test your coordination and feel the power of operating a backhoe. Challenge yourself at backhoe basketball or see just how deep you can dig. Our backhoe games will leave you with new skills and an appreciation for those operators you see on job sites.


Excavator Extra Big Play   $250+tax 
90 minute session Available for a limited time. There is something thrilling about driving around on tracks and spinning the cab around. Dig deep holes, play basketball or stack tires. You’ll have a blast while you challenge yourself to master new skills. 


Extreme Playtime   $400+tax  
Skid Steer & Backhoe
3 hour session Twice the fun!  Start with the skid steer, take a short break, then more fun on the backhoe.


Call (928) 212-8004 to book your session